Natural products’ popularity in all fields is undeniable: from food to cosmetics and dietary supplements. A product’s natural aspect is the purchasing criteria which has taken on the most importance between 2013 and 20161.

A great opportunity for plant extracts which fulfil many of the consumer’s expectations and follow trends for alternative natural solutions. The global botanical extract market should therefore experience high growth: it will reach $8.1Bn in 2027, compared to $4Bn in 20172.

Among the numerous available extracts, PiLeJe Industrie is highlighting Lemon balm ipowder® with its different health benefits today.


3 high potential benefits

Melissa Officinalis L is a perennial herbaceous plant well known for its relaxing effects and for improving digestion. It also has interesting antioxidant properties. Three benefits for which lemon balm has health claims* on high potential markets.

Indeed, sleeping disorders continue to increase, affecting a large proportion of the population. In the United States, 82% of adults have difficulty sleeping at least once a week, and 39% five nights or more per week.3

Regarding the global digestive health product market, it increased by 20% between 2015 and 2016 in the United-States.4

The global antioxidant market is also flourishing. It generated $2.9Bn in 2015 and should reach $4.5Bn (+55%) by 2022 with a CAGR of 6.4% between 2015 and 2022.5

Thanks to their multiple uses, antioxidant active ingredients have a promising future on the health market and more precisely the health nutrition market. The cardiovascular system, vision, joints and ageing represent some of the numerous areas where antioxidants can help.

But all lemon balm extracts are not equal; indeed the concentration and antioxidant activity may vary depending on suppliers. It has been proven that the concentration of rosmarinic acid as well as the antioxidant activity of Lemon balm ipowder® by PiLeJe Industrie are higher than those of the indigenous plants. The high concentration means that consumers take fewer pills or tablets to get the same effect.

The results of this analysis are displayed on the ‘Melissa officinalis L. ipowder®: phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activity’ poster which was awarded 1st prize at the Journées Scientifiques du Medicament (Scientific Medicine Days) on June 7, 2018, in Grenoble.


The ipowder® technology produces 3:1 extracts

PiLeJe Industrie uses its plant expertise to produce concentrated botanical extracts thanks to their ipowder® technology. This patented extracting process gives brews which are 100% plant-based, guaranteed solvent free and without any additives or selective processes.

This method gives a greater concentration of Melissa Officinalis L markers in the extract as it preserves the traces of the indigenous plants and their biological properties. The conditions of use may therefore be reduced by three with ipowder® technology.

Would you like to see our other ipowder® plant extract references? Contact our experts who will be delighted to share PiLeJe Industrie’s plant expertise with you.


*These are health claims awaiting a decision on behalf of the European Commission. The selected claims are those with conditions of use which can be applied to the ingredients.
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