As nutraceutical experts for 30 years, the heart of our profession is developing your products guaranteeing excellence and quality. The need to create The Plant Extract Studio became obvious as we strive to support you further in your innovative strategies. The principle of creating unique tailor-made ingredients is simple and ambitious at the same time. This offer means you can seize the opportunities that the nutraceutical, cosmetics and nutricosmetics markets have to offer you.

It is an immense pleasure for us to present you with our concept and values.


The Plant Extract Studio’s origins: plants

Everything begins by choosing highly specialised fields

Our group knows that the plants that originate in highly specialised fields yield the highest quality extracts. For this, we work hand in hand with technical institutes and partners of the agricultural world. As we strive to make each of your projects possible, we always have the possibility of developing specific specialised fields. Among the plants tested in the heart of our innovative plant laboratory, plantain is a concrete example of our agronomical research with 7 studied varieties.

Extracting the best from plants

Our aim is to draw the relevant molecules from plants in an optimal manner. From selecting plant species to obtaining extracts, each step is carried out with the same scientific attention to detail. The plant extracting stage is carried out with great attention in order to retain and respect all of the relevant molecules that make up the phytochemical profile of your extract. Nothing is taken lightly from the selection process to the land, crop paths and respecting molecules in order to bring the best of plants to you. 

The Plant Extract Studio is conscious of each person’s role in protecting the environment and has come into line with the commitments of PiLeJe Group’s charter for the environment.


Creating personalised ingredients

From plant raw material to creating your ingredient: a series of stringent stages

It all begins with sourcing plants, then identifying and analysing their relevant molecules. Once the active ingredients have been targeted, we proceed with the extracting process which can be aqueous, hydroalcoholic or enzymatic depending on your needs. In any case it will guarantee standardisation of the Phytochemical Profile of your extract, guaranteeing quality.

Next in line is industrial transposition: we use all our expertise to ensure a safe and efficient transmission from the development to the industrial manufacturing of your ingredient. Please note that we also offer full-service formulation which leads to manufacturing your own branded finished product.

Entrust us with creating your ingredient for exceptional quality

Thanks to our high-performing industrial park, we guarantee attention to detail, quality and reproducibility. Our Quality Control laboratories guarantee product conformity with your requirement specifications.

Unique partnerships

Tailor-made cooperation for unique projects

As each project is different, we do everything possible to adapt to your needs and requirements. We define all your options in order to guide you in your choices. We are attentive to your needs and go through each step with you right up to the industrialisation of your product.

Important values for successful partnerships

We place three values at the heart of the support we offer you:

  • Exigence: guaranteeing you safety and high-quality standards,
  • Agility: our flexibility is vital for adapting to your needs,
  • Responsiveness: our teams are solution-oriented to support you.


We do hope that you will get as much pleasure from creating your very high value-added ingredients as we will get from partnering with you. To discover the Plant Extract Studio and learn more, click here.

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