Digestive health is one of the inevitable segments of the dietary supplement market. Indeed, we were already talking about it as a ‘continuously performing’ market in 2019. Is innovation still possible in this sector? How can you make a difference? Discover the keys to better apprehend the digestive health market in this article.

Digestive health: a major promise

Dietary supplements in France: a growing market

The dietary supplement market has been growing for several years. Between 2020 and 2021 the value of sales has increased by over 10%[1] that is to say by 97.5M€. In 2021 the market represented a total of one billion Euros in France. This growth is specifically encouraged by innovation. Indeed, it gives the opportunity to be different to competitors and renew the consumer’s interest. What is the current situation with the digestive health market?

The digestive health market: numbers that confirm a leading position

In 2021, this market represented €155M in French pharmacies. It is one of the leading promises on the market coming in second place after the stress-sleep line. And this market continues to progress with a growth of 5% between 2020 and 2021. An undeniably promising segment where taking one’s place represents true opportunity.


The unavoidable ingredients of the digestive health market

More natural ingredients

In general, we can observe an increase in the demand for natural ingredients and plant extracts. It is really and truly time for plant based ingredients. Especially organic ingredients which have greatly increased: +10% for this promise.

Some plants are unavoidable: artichoke and fennel to fight against digestive difficulties and of course lemon balm to ease digestion. Lastly, the subject of biotics is still trending for this promise: prebiotics are gaining ground, whereas probiotics are proving true diversity.

Ingredient complexes

If ingredients are becoming simpler and plant based, remaining traditional is not an option. Using ingredient complexes is unavoidable on the digestive health market. Indeed, it is the opportunity to create synergy with more targeted and efficient action. More often, these complexes are branded and constitute the heart of a formula. This is also a great opportunity for communication.


Making the most of the digestive market’s opportunities with turnkey solutions

To innovate rapidly and efficiently on the digestion market, turnkey formulas are ideal. PiLeJe Industrie offers you phytobiotic innovation dedicated to bowel well-being. A solution that results from our triple expertise, ingredients, formulation and galenics. Allying microbiotic strains and lemon balm, this bi-layered tablet is ready to be launched on the market and become part of your range of dietary supplements.


In this way digestive health is becoming an unavoidable part of the dietary supplement market. Between plant based ingredients and ingredient complexes, it is always possible to innovate with your promises. Whether you choose a tailor-made or turnkey formula, our teams will support you in your projects.

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[1] Neres, Baromètre 2021 des produits de santé et de prévention de premier recours en pharmacie, OpenHealth Company, 2022, available at: https://neres.fr/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Barometre2021.pdf
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