Microbiota, probiotics: one of the most successful nutraceutical solutions over the past years is behind these two words. The world probiotic based dietary supplement market should grow by 38% between 2016 and 2021 (from 4.3 to 5.5 B$). In 20171,2 it already represented 9% of the French dietary supplement market. Previously limited to digestive solutions probiotics are also turning towards other segments: metabolic, cognitive and immune system solutions for example. Marketing positioning is expanding and products are thriving. However, how can you guarantee optimum quality for such sensitive products in this jungle of dietary supplements? PiLeJe Industrie has the answer for you with their HQM Charter.

What is HQM?

The High Quality Microbiotic (HQM) charter, created by PiLeJe Industrie, refers to the quality commitment charter for products derived from microbial bacteria developed and manufactured by PiLeJe Industrie. The HQM charter guarantees both a careful selection of microbial strains and French production conforming with high technical and environmental quality standards.

Bacteria Strains With a Clear and Safe Identity.

Bacteria strains used by PiLeJe have not been genetically modified and are identified for safe use of the consumer. The selected strains are commonly used in the food industry and are all on the QPS list (Qualified Presumption of Safety, EFSA, 2013). All of the micro-organisms present on this list have proven to be safe.

Strains selected for their specific features.

In order to guarantee the quality of their products, PiLeJe Industrie carries out a wide battery of tests, from selecting strains to the finished product, guaranteeing that the product will react at the right time in the desired place:

  • Survival of gastrointestinal environment tests (bile, enzymes, acidity) to assess resistance.
  • Capacity to adhere to cells measured.
  • Resist heat and humidity

Suitable formulations.

PiLeJe’s industrial process is designed to guarantee maintaining the continued viability of the microbial strains during the manufacturing process (strict condition monitoring such as temperature and hygrometry, etc.). Also, packaging elements (capsules, sachets and blisters, etc.) are carefully selected for their suitability for maintaining strains’ viability in the product storage conditions.

Guaranteed Quality Controls.

PiLeJe Industrie’s sourcing guarantees traceability of the microbial strain in the finished product. The purity of the strains is systematically monitored upon receipt of the raw materials to make sure there has been no cross contamination. Stability studies are systematically carried out on microbial strain based products in order to check the viability of the strains at room temperature. In this way, the strains absorbed by the body are not degraded and unspoilt.

Are you planning to develop a new microbiotics-based dietary supplement? Would you like to know more about PiLeJe Industrie’s microbiotal expertise? Feel free contact our experts.


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