For this new section on the dietary supplement market, our next stop is immunity and vitality. Consumers’ attraction to these segments has literally increased tenfold in response to the Covid crisis and its impact on health awareness. In 2020, 51% of the French population considered that dietary supplements are destined to prevent health problems and to remain in good health.[1]


2020: a record year for the vitality and immunity markets

The markets exploded in the context of Covid

It is not surprising, the sanitary crisis boosted the growth of dietary supplements. However, it is the promise of immunity that was placed in the limelight. Indeed, an increase was observed in sales of +221% between February 24 and April 30, 2020, in comparison with 2019[2].You can’t help but notice that these dates correspond to the key dates of the first lockdown in France.


Health prevention: the key to success

The vitality market is illustrated by promises of anti-fatigue and performance. Whereas the immunity market naturally commits to reinforcing immune defences. The value of these two markets was approximately 185 million euros in chemists in 2019[3]. And these promises have been even more attractive these past months. For example, the immunity segment jumped up by +63% in comparison with 2019. The vitality market has not been left behind either with a nice growth of 13% in comparison with 2019[4]. These numbers testify to the current golden position of health nutrition. Consumers want to actively participate in their health more than ever.


The successful composition of immunity and vitality dietary supplements

Which ingredients stand out on these markets?

The vitality and immunity markets cannot escape from some inescapable dietary supplement ingredients! Vitamins and minerals that give the power to allege are indeed flagship ingredients, notably vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Obviously we can add phytonutrition ingredients to this list as plants excel on all nutraceutical levels. In this way Echinacea and Eleutherococcus are plants greatly appreciated for the immune system and for vitality respectively. You will find them in the ipowder® plant extract range at PileJe Industrie. Ginseng, guarana and caffeine are also other key ingredients on this market.

Over and above ‘super ingredients’ are true stars. Indeed, super mushrooms are taking their place on this market, reishi for example. It is also the case for super fruit, such as goji berries or amla, reputed for their high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Lastly, the consumers’ influence on these markets is particularly remarkable. Some ingredients have a very positive connotation with them. This is the case for apitherapy with traditional beehive products. But also for probiotics which are further known for their efficiency in particular in immune aspects.


Which dosage forms are preferable on these markets?

As far as galenics are concerned, immunity and vitality follow global dietary supplement market trends. Consumers are looking for simplicity and practicality above all. This is why dry forms such as tablets stand out predominantly in chemist and hypermarket and supermarket sales. Closely followed by capsules and ampuls[5]!


Our PiLeJe Industrie offers: seize the opportunities of these fast-growing markets

Vitality : our private label

This offer will allow you to launch into the vitality market as you enjoy our triple expertise in ingredients, formulation and galenics. Indeed this formula associates:

  • A mix of group B and C vitamins to contribute to reducing fatigue.
  • Eleutherococcus ipowder® that contributes to growing intellectual and physical energy.
  • And lastly guarana that helps to reinforce the organism and to feel more energetic.

Enjoy all of our expertise to launch a new concept

We place all of our different technology such as ipowder® and Hypro-ri® at your disposal. Hypro-ri® illustrates the immune segment perfectly as it associates copper sulphate, zinc or even selenium with amino acids from a rice protein hydrolysate for optimal bioavailability and absorption.


>> To integrate PiLeJe Industrie ingredients in your formulas, contact our teams, they will know how to support you.



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[4]IQVIA PharmaOne, period of January to July 2020 vs January-July 2019
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