Natural products and clean labels have become true purchasing criteria for consumers. Natural is indeed the second most important criterion in France (after efficiency) for buying a dietary supplement for the majority of consumers.1

This criterion is more frequently taken into account for choosing ingredients but does not necessarily determine their quality. Indeed, the quality of a plant extract depends on the raw materials used, their origin and especially the extraction technique used.

PileJe Industrie uses expertise to develop efficient and innovative techniques such as ipowder® a patented process for producing efficient and 100% plant botanical extracts.

What should you remember about the ipowder® plant extraction technology developed by PiLeJe Industrie?


1. An innovative process for 100% plant-based extracts

ipowder® is a patented extracting procedure which aims to fully reproduce nature by supplying concentrated (totum) plant infusions.

This gentle process is carried out exclusively with plants by aqueous extraction resulting in an undisturbed, intense and concentrated plant extract. After extraction, filtration and concentration, the aqueous extract is redeposited and dried on a part of plant powder.

ipowder® technology means that we avoid adding inert substrates such as maltodextrin. It is therefore possible to enhance the label by stating the absence of any additives.

ipowder® innovation is very close to the traditional use of plants and has three major attractive assets which live up to clean label and natural expectations:

  • Gentle solvent free extraction
  • During manufacturing no inert substrates are added
  • No selective processes are implemented: the totum principal is used, integrity and entirety of the plant’s active ingredients


2. Efficiency and quality are the main keys of ipowder® technology

This patented process guarantees a genuine concentration of markers in the botanical extract as it maintains the biological print and properties of the original plant.2

It guarantees the absence of residual and organic solvents (hexane, acetone and ethanol…). In addition ipowder® extracts are produced without any selective procedures. In this way, the technology preserves the concentration of the components as they are in the native plant. ipowder® aims to reproduce nature by supplying concentrated (totum) plant infusions.

This method leads to a concentration of markers on the extract and diminishes dosage3.


PiLeJe Industrie offers a large rage of ingredients for the nutraceutical market using ipowder® technology.

Would you like to discover our entire ipowder® plant extract range? Please contact our PiLeJe Industrie experts.


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