Know-how & Expertises

Food supplement ingredients manufacturing

From plant to innovative ingredient

Within our Innovation division, the Ingredient Development team works on developing liquid and dry ingredients using patented procedures or in-house developed processes.

The team carries out the various stages from generating innovative new ingredient concepts to producing them and validating them with scientific studies.

As experts in the world of botanicals with a dedicated technology platform, we perform:

Sourcing (search, selection and traceability) of plants in accordance with target market regulations.

Plant analysis for optimum quality using a range of analytical techniques.

Transformation using numerous procedures and specially designed technology, including shipping to our industrial facilities while limiting our environmental impact.

We combine know-how, technical capability and botanical raw materials to produce high quality ingredients.

We can find innovative solutions for you to meet regulatory constraints in advance.

As part of a product or concept development project, we can assist you to select and develop your ingredient with safety and quality guaranteed.

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