Herbal supplement contract-manufacturer

Botanicals are the heart of our business

Diversity, special properties, unique benefits – plants have inexhaustible potential.

Every day we are committed to drawing unique benefits from the heart of every plant and extracting exclusive properties to produce your nutraceutical products.

The know-how and scientific expertise of our teams mean that we have superior knowledge and proven skills in botanicals in all its forms, both dried and fresh.

Plant extraction: a tailored approach for your formulations

With our versatile and high performance equipment we have complete control over several extraction techniques: 100% aqueous, aqueous solution extraction with glycerin or FOS, water-alcohol (ATEX zone) or extremely high frequency extraction.

Close control of our processes along with our analytical techniques means excellent standardisation with or without adding adjuvants, or by means of assembly.

PiLeJe Industrie can offer you botanical actives and ingredients of closely controlled composition.

As part of this range of ingredients PiLeJe Industrie Research and Innovation has developed ipowder®, concentrated plant infusions produced using a patented 100% aqueous extraction process.

Biotransformation: value added for your extracts

We are experts in enzymatic hydrolysis and vegetable protein hydrolysis.

Hydrolysis of plant matter facilitates gentle, non-selective and optimum extraction of plant actives. PiLeJe Industrie Research and Innovation has developed ifluid®, an exclusive and patented enzymatic hydrolysis process that preserves all the fresh plant essential components in their entirety and integrity.

PiLeJe Industrie has also developed Hypro-ri®, a range of rice protein hydrolysates that improve both the bioavailability of amino acids and the bioavailability of associated minerals.

Because of its high digestibility, these hydrolysates are valued ingredients for health and nutrition – sports nutrition and nutrition for babies and the elderly.

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