Dietary supplement genesis often begins with: ‘Once upon a time there was a little idea …’ Bringing such an idea to life necessitates the intervention of many skills requiring accurate and rigorous coordination.
PiLeJe Industrie has been developing health products for more than 30 years. Benefiting from this expertise and experience, PiLeJe explains three good reasons for entrusting the tailored development of your dietary supplements to a full-service provider.

Get the benefit of our global expertise

Formulation, ingredient sourcing, galenics and regulations, etc. Developing a dietary supplement calls on varied professional expertise.
A contract manufacturer will support you through strong expertise and tailored advice at each stage of the project: from terms of reference to sourcing ingredients, from prototypes to industrialisation, not to mention stability studies upon ICH guidelines. This expertise helps you to choose the best solutions guaranteeing you optimum quality and coordination.

Communicate with a unique service provider

Will we be able to launch sales this year? How should we best conserve the ingredients? These questions require answers from different players and necessitate many conversations which could make you lose time.
Indeed manufacturing a dietary supplement requires the intervention of several players calling for daily coordination. Choosing a contract manufacturer facilitates communication through a unique correspondent coordinating the entire project. They ensure correct information transmission in the first stages.
From terms of reference to industrialisation, the complete management of your project will also secure timely commercialisation of your product.

Your project development will be totally personalised

As we manage monitoring and carry out daily studies, manufacturers understand the dietary supplement market and identify trends in the field. Supported by a scientific team, we feed our ideas and creativity, positioning ourselves as true drivers of innovation for our customers.
Indeed, tailored manufacturing of your dietary supplements, will answer your different needs whether in terms of ingredients, galenics or packaging. Full-service development will therefore bring you major versatility and results corresponding to the DNA of your brand and your expectations.

Do you wish to develop and produce a new, tailored, innovative and exclusive health product? Let’s assess your needs together and we will create your terms of reference!
Come and discover our expertise in tailored development in the dietary supplement field on our full service offering page.

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