With an estimated growth of +106% between 2015 (€103 bn) and 2025 (€212 bn)1, the world’s dietary supplement market boasts very satisfactory performance. This success is encouraging many actors to launch into the fertile field of nutraceuticals. Developing a product for this market of strictly regulated technical products requires several months.

Trends are forever evolving and reactivity and rapidity are key to launching health products. When faced with these challenges, ready-to-market solutions have great advantages and offer a three levelled solution.

1. Cost and development time reduction

As their name suggests these solutions are ready-to-launch solutions. Most of the steps before launching have been done: the formula has been developed, galenic choices have been made, stability and industrialisation tests have been carried out. This is a great time saver when you know that these steps can take several months or even several years.

So, launching a health product on the market is greatly accelerated without altering the quality.

2. Formulas which are riding the trend waves

PiLeJe Industry is a true expert in the dietary supplement market and studies the field’s trends on a daily basis. This means we develop ready-to-market solutions with exclusive formulas, using innovative ingredients and extraction processes.

PiLeJe Industrie’s range of ready-to-market products is based on a large spectrum of health promises and great expertise: lactic ferments, micro nutrition and plants.

Two innovative products stood out in the probiotic based range this year:

PiLeJe Industrie is not short of ideas, we are presently working on developing a new formula associating lactic ferments and plants in a bilayered tablet.

Your future complete and innovative dietary supplement range will answer consumers’ expectations and follow the market’s trends.

3. Expertise at every level

Developing a dietary supplement definitely necessitates good knowledge of trends but it also calls on diverse expertise. We have studied galenics, regulations, supplies and formulation to offer you quality solutions.

Choosing ready-to-market solutions is not however a simple step. The third-party manufacturer will support you in this step and give you sound and personalised advice.

If the formula and galenic form are well and truly set, packaging is a major opportunity for personalising which mustn’t be neglected. Design and the information you display will allow you to create a unique product reflecting the DNA of your brand.

If you want to launch an innovative health product fast, discover our ready-to-market solutions by contacting our experts who will support you throughout your project.

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