The borders between nutrition, health and beauty are becoming less and less clear… Nutricosmetics are at the crossroads between cosmetics and nutraceuticals. This category includes dietary supplements as well as other categories such as functional beverages developed for beauty benefits. So many products whose aim is to take care of the consumers’ skin, nails or even hair from the inside.

And in order to do so, the choice of ingredients is critical. With the current rise in plant based products, phytotherapy based ingredients are in demand. Our Plant Extract Studio gives you the opportunity to create unique plant-based ingredients with high added value.



Nutricosmetics represent a dynamic market

On a global scale, the nutricosmetics market should reach 8.8 billion euros in 2026 with an annual CAGR of 5.5%[1]. Where did this market originate? Nutricosmetics come from Asia, Japan to be more precise. Indeed this country has associated the notion of healthy eating with beauty for a long time. Moreover, paler skin is combined, in social standards, with health and a higher social status. It is therefore based on the promise of having a paler skin that the market was founded. But as on many markets, North America is one of the leaders, with strong innovation.

With the explosion of the market, it is therefore necessary to innovate. Indeed nutricosmetics represent one of the historical segments of dietary supplements and needed to be renewed. Innovation is particularly centred on:

  • the galenic form: practical but also innovative;
  • the ingredients: researching the correct plant extract;
  • the promises: the multiplication and democratisation of ‘glow’ promises, which target skin radiance.

Among the great trends of the market we can mention those of the skin’s microbiota, of personalised natural ingredients.



The benefits of nutricosmetics, inside and out

Consumers are becoming conscious today of the impact of nutrition on their skin quality, their hair or even their nails. This is where nutricosmetics have a role to play. We speak about ‘beauty from within’, with the idea of acting from the inside out. This is a largely democratised speech by brands. To go further, some players show how dietary supplements and care treatments are complementary with very complete and well marketed in & out concepts.

Lastly, there are several and especially more and more specific promises in this segment. Curly hair, dark or pale skin… Some are even moving towards promises that are more health oriented, with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis for example. Indeed brands play on hypersegmentation. What is their aim? Answering consumer’s needs precisely. The targets are also very diverse: men, women, teenagers… With benefits adapted to each one.



The ingredients used

Among the ingredients used in nutricosmetics, several come from cosmetics. For example we can find classical hyaluronic acid, collagen or even coenzyme Q10.

Other ingredients however are similar to other nutraceutical segments: pro and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, omega 3 and super fruit etc.

However, it is important to choose the origin of the ingredients used carefully. And you will have noticed that plants are in the lime light. Indeed, in 2021, 75% of consumers consider that the naturalness of a product is important[2]. And with the sanitary crisis, 26% of them find it even more important than before. Consequently, natural and plant ingredients are focussed on in formulas.

Do you want to launch products on the nutricosmetics market with unique ingredients? Let yourself be guided by the Plant Extract Studio! Our team supports you creating high added value tailor made ingredients.

Why should you trust us? We have market expertise associated with in-depth mastery of plants and we guarantee industrial performance.

In addition our personalised support is based on three values: requirements, agility and reactivity.



We have not finished hearing about the world of nutricosmetics. Evermore innovative and fashionable products are appearing on the market. If you would like to launch in this segment, we would be pleased to help you. Come and join us in our Studio.




[1] Global Nutricosmetic Market, WiseGuyReports, 2019
[2] Harris interactive, 2021. Report: Nouvelles Tendances Consommateurs dans les Compléments alimentaires (New Consumer Trends in Dietary Supplements).


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