The food supplement market continues to be more and more buoyant. The French market almost hit 2 billion euros in 2019! It’s a real growth sector, with a very demanding customer set seeking more and more the most natural products. To be a growth business in this market, rapid and effective innovation is essential. Read on to hear about our view of being market-ready – innovative, practical and backed up by all our know-how.


Why choose ready-to-market products?

Choosing a ready-to-market product is choosing reliability – but also practicality, because both costs and lead times are reduced. The key steps in product development have already been taken – choice of ingredients, galenic, stability studies, industrial scale-up, etc.  Significant stages that you don’t need to worry about.

And going the ready-to-market route does not mean lowering the quality – quite the reverse! You have the advantage of using proven formulations, coupled with the backing of the laboratory which is presenting them. Reduced costs, shorter lead times, optimum quality – three good reasons for choosing ready-to-market.


What are the guarantees from PiLeJe Industrie for their ready-to-market formulations?

Rigorous internal procedures and our accumulated know-how are behind all our formulations, giving you the best possible solutions.

Trend-setting products

Understanding the market and keeping abreast of developments, we are constantly updating our concepts in order to offer expert solutions to demanding customers. We analyse and anticipate trends and concentrate on the best-performing segments. And the result – innovative and relevant ready-to-market solutions!

Naturalness, expertise and efficacy

We attach great importance to customer expectations. Thus, we select the ingredients which have proved themselves in the market and which clearly meet the customers’ requirements. Plants, micronutrition and microbiotics are at the heart of our formulations. With a mixture of naturalness and scientific expertise, we put our skills to work on developing ingredients to offer products based on vegetable extracts from the ipowder® range, and the Hypro-ri® minerals, which provide high content and improved availability.

The best presentation

To be market-ready, products need practical presentation, where ease-of-use and lack of constraints are paramount, and today’s market demands this. To this end, all our formulations in the coated-tablet form are guaranteed titanium dioxide-free.

Promises, ingredients, presentation – three carefully chosen elements which enable our experts to offer you ready-to-market formulations.


What are the ready-to-market products you can expect from PiLeJe Industrie?

To respond to your demands and to consumer requirements, we have a range of some twenty ready-to-market formulations. Here are our latest innovative selections:

  • Liver Comfort: based on Desmodium, Artichoke ipowder® and Milk Thistle, for a super-vegetal formulation.
  • Stress Relaxation: an association of Valerian, Hawthorn, vitamins and minerals placing it firmly within the second promise of the food supplement market.
  • Vitality: Eleutherococcus ipowder®, Guarana and vitamins, to be a serious player in an essential segment.
  • Femininity: a two-layer tablet based on Lemon balm ipowder® and complementary ingredients for the extremely fashionable segment of women’s health.
  • Oral Biotic: microbiotics and vitamins for better dentition.
  • Skin & Nails: a product formulated with burdock, stinging nettle, vitamins and minerals, ideal for the highly promising market of nutri-cosmetics.

>> You can find all the ready-to-market formulations from PiLeJe Industrie here!


All these formulations are produced by applying PiLeJe Industrie’s skills and accumulated know-how to carefully selected natural ingredients. Naturally, they comply with the relevant European Regulations and meet all public health requirements.  As for all our activities, our quality procedures and our rigorous attention to detail are fully applied to our market-ready offerings.


Ready-to-market or tailor-made development – use what suits you best for getting the right product into the market at the right time. Decidedly, for your formulation needs, PiLeJe is the partner of choice. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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