For more than 35 years, PiLeJe Industrie has been a major partner in innovation. With The Plant Extract Studio, we support you in your high-added value tailor-made ingredient development projects.

Discover our Plant Extract Studio

Our aim: designing unique quality ingredients with you. In order to do so, we set our know how to work for you.

·        Mastering your target markets: nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

Each day these markets bring new challenges and opportunities. We have unique expertise of plants and know how to answer the requirements of these fields.

·        Mastering plants and sourcing

We know that the quality of plant raw material is a prerequisite for obtaining quality extracts. We rely on excellent channels and high fidelity extraction methods to supply you the best of plants.

·        Scale up mastery thanks to our performing industrial equipment

With our performing technological pool we are capable of manufacturing your ingredients on an industrial scale and guaranteeing the safety of supplying them.


We give you customised support all throughout your project. You have a sole discussion partner to support you at every stage. With three precious words close to our hearts: requirements, agility and reactivity. We guarantee a successful partnership!


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