Cell protection: a market at the heart of trends

In the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis, manufacturers are encountering new consumers who are ever more attentive to their health and increasingly expert on a broad range of subjects. The infinitely small is becoming a mainstream concern with the new promise of cell protection. The skin can be protected from oxidative stress by incorporating … Continued

Developing your project with us: all the steps summarized in an infographic

Proud of our 30 years of expertise and in products, we offer our know-how for your projects. We accompany you from the design stage right through to delivery, providing you with tailor-made and completely customizable support. A service adapted to your needs We aim to successfully fulfill your request and comply with your requirements, while … Continued

How can you innovate on the digestive health market?

Digestive health is one of the inevitable segments of the dietary supplement market. Indeed, we were already talking about it as a ‘continuously performing’ market in 2019. Is innovation still possible in this sector? How can you make a difference? Discover the keys to better apprehend the digestive health market in this article. Digestive health: … Continued

The Plant Extract Studio: understanding everything in one chart.

For more than 35 years, PiLeJe Industrie has been a major partner in innovation. With The Plant Extract Studio, we support you in your high-added value tailor-made ingredient development projects. Discover our Plant Extract Studio Our aim: designing unique quality ingredients with you. In order to do so, we set our know how to work … Continued

Turnkey formulas. Eric Stein, Sales and Marketing Director at PiLeJe Industrie, talks about it.

Could you introduce yourself M. Stein? With training in sales, I have spent all of my career in the dietary, cosmetics and nutraceutical fields. Moreover, I rapidly specialised in the contract manufacturer profession. I started sharing my adventure with PiLeJe Industrie in 2015 as Sales and Marketing Director You offer turney formulas at PiLeJe Industrie. … Continued

Who are dietary supplement consumers?

Today, more than one out of two French people take dietary supplements[1]. In order to understand who the market targets better, it is essential to take a look at the profiles of these consumers. Profiles which are far from being unique: there are several types. There is notably a contrast between the past, with regular … Continued

The rise of nootropics, the ingredients that boost our brain

Nootropics, also called cognitive enhancers, are molecules whose ambition is to improve cognitive performance. What is the promise? To exploit all parts of the brain, in particular those that are usually not used. To give an order of magnitude: the memory/concentration promise represented €9.4K in French pharmacies in 2020[1].   Nootropics, cognitive enhancers Nootropic promises … Continued

Feedback about biotics: pre, post and probiotics

Consumers today are more and more informed about microbiota and their health benefits. We have been witnessing the fast growth of prebiotic, probiotic and more recently postbiotic based products. Ingredients that can be found in many different areas: cosmetics, nutraceuticals, drinks or even food. In addition, research is constantly looking into microbiotic solutions and discoveries … Continued

What was the situation with the dietary supplement market in 2020?

In 2020 the dietary supplement market was still growing strong. With the sanitary crisis we saw changes in consumption habits. So what are the current trends of the market?   Focus on the dietary supplement market in 2020 and the promises that are successful With growth of 2% in one year, the turnover of the … Continued

Some ingredients to sustain the nutricosmetics market?

The borders between nutrition, health and beauty are becoming less and less clear… Nutricosmetics are at the crossroads between cosmetics and nutraceuticals. This category includes dietary supplements as well as other categories such as functional beverages developed for beauty benefits. So many products whose aim is to take care of the consumers’ skin, nails or … Continued

Immunity and vitality: a very healthy market!

For this new section on the dietary supplement market, our next stop is immunity and vitality. Consumers’ attraction to these segments has literally increased tenfold in response to the Covid crisis and its impact on health awareness. In 2020, 51% of the French population considered that dietary supplements are destined to prevent health problems and … Continued

Dietary supplements and sustainability

Naturalness, ecodesign and clean label: these are all words that sound obvious today. Upon general request, the dietary supplements market is globally committed to sustainability subjects. The entire production chain must rise to the vital challenge of taking care of the environment as well as the health of consumers.   From sourcing to extraction: ingredients … Continued

The women’s health market

As you know, it’s part of our raison d’être to showcase all the many fascinating sides of the dietary supplement market. Today we highlight women’s health, a market that’s really taking off!   A revolution at the heart of the women’s health market The success of a market under change The annual dietary supplement market … Continued

Creating unique high value-added ingredients: exploring the heart of The Plant Extract Studio

As nutraceutical experts for 30 years, the heart of our profession is developing your products guaranteeing excellence and quality. The need to create The Plant Extract Studio became obvious as we strive to support you further in your innovative strategies. The principle of creating unique tailor-made ingredients is simple and ambitious at the same time. … Continued

Why ready-to-market solutions are the right choice

The food supplement market continues to be more and more buoyant. The French market almost hit 2 billion euros in 2019! It’s a real growth sector, with a very demanding customer set seeking more and more the most natural products. To be a growth business in this market, rapid and effective innovation is essential. Read … Continued

An update on microbiotic solutions

In today’s food supplement world, microbiotics are really making a name for themselves. Studies and new discoveries are decidedly on the increase. And consumers, mindful of the benefits for their health, are increasingly attracted to this type of ingredient which is finding a privileged place in the shopping basket.  Thus, fermented food supplements represent now … Continued

The Keys of Success of the French Dietary Supplement Market

The dietary supplement market has been growing now for 10 years and has never been as strong as it is today. Consumption of these products is becoming more widespread and consumers are asking for more. Let’s take a look at the key figures of the market. Which categories are successful today? What impact is the … Continued

We are committed to our Charter for the Environment !

As a major actor in the dietary supplement market, the PiLeJe group is committed to preserving the environment. What is our aim? To preserve the planet for current and future generations. Discover our commitments!   Commitmments that answer everybody’s expectations Committing to preserving the environment is essential in our business today. The entire production chain … Continued

The Revival of the Joint Treatment Market

Recently we were focusing on the digestion and sleep markets which are models in terms of success. Today we would like to talk to you about the joint treatment market: a more discrete segment that is renewing itself. The joint treatment segment is only waiting to progress The joint treatment segment represents 6% of the … Continued

The three keys for developing a product

Do you want to develop a new product? Having a good idea isn’t enough, today you have to know how to call on the right partners. Discover the three keys for developing a product. 1. Choose the right contract manufacturer There are contract manufacturing organisations on the market, you will have to choose the one … Continued

The Hidden Challenges of Packaging. Interview with Denis Chouraqui, Packaging Development Manager.

Can you tell us about your profile and how long you have been with the company for?  I joined the company in 2001 for my end of Master’s in Health Biology internship where I specialised in ‘Developing Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Products’ at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, France. For the past 19 years, I have progressed … Continued

The digestion market continues to flourish

Digestive problems are one of this century’s major concerns. French people suffer more and more from digestive problems and are no longer afraid to talk about them. Almost one French person out of two suffers from at least one type of digestive problem1: abdominal pain, frequent gases, irregular bowel function… French people are searching for … Continued

A Scope of Dietary Supplement Consumers

Who are dietary supplement consumers? What do non-consumers think? Do they have a positive outlook on the products? If taking dietary supplements is becoming more widespread, it is necessary to understand who the products we make are for. Who are dietary supplement consumers? Every second French person has taken dietary supplements during the course of … Continued

Why is the plant market growing strong?

The plant-based dietary supplement market has been on the rise over the last years. Why such popularity? Natural, efficient, technical, let’s have a look at all the driving forces of this market. Plants are consumers’ favourite ingredients In general plants are reassuring ingredients.  Consumers are more inclined to use phytotherapy products rather than more chemical, … Continued

The Challenges of Industrial Transposition. Interview of Julie Flori, Head of Transposition.

The growth of developing new products is increasing in laboratories, bringing its own set of demands. Amongst them, industrial transposition represents a major challenge. To get to know more about this essential step, we met Julie Flori, Head of Transposition. Can you tell us about your profile and how long you have been with the … Continued

The Stress/Sleep Market Never Sleeps

Burnout, insomnia, stress or nocturnal awakenings are conditions which affect an ever-growing number of people. Health professionals offer suitable treatments to these ailments of the 21st century, treating them in a more and more specific way. Even if we regret the causes, we can’t help but be happy about the effects: the stress/sleep market has … Continued

HQM Charter: 4 reasons for choosing PiLeJe Industrie for your probiotic based formulations.

Microbiota, probiotics: one of the most successful nutraceutical solutions over the past years is behind these two words. The world probiotic based dietary supplement market should grow by 38% between 2016 and 2021 (from 4.3 to 5.5 B$). In 20171,2 it already represented 9% of the French dietary supplement market. Previously limited to digestive solutions … Continued

Tablets Continue to Perform.

Everyone is still unanimous about tablets. According to an Interactive Harris survey carried out in October 2018, capsules and tablets are the most popular galenic forms, obtaining 63% of French people’s votes. One of the first modern galenic forms, tablets have been renewed through time. Let’s have a look at tablets and why they are … Continued

Developing dietary supplements, from technical expertise to innovation. Interview of Patrice Garcin, Head of Galenic Development.

The world dietary supplement market is growing rapidly with a +100% growth rate expected from now to 2025 to jump from €107Bn to €218Bn1. Laboratories must continuously renew themselves in order to adapt to the market’s evolution and trends. This means in particular new and more sophisticated formulations which require having capacity and expertise in … Continued

Microbiota: cutting edge health solutions for a major challenge.

Microbiota continues to trend upwards. This set of micro-organisms forms a complex living ecosystem in cooperation with the host organism which we now recognise as a full-blown organ. It is, moreover, called the ‘second brain’. Intestinal microbiota is the best known, but many others exist: skin, ENT, oral, vaginal, or lung microbiota, etc. Let’s take … Continued

Innovation and adaptability: towards more natural excipients in dietary supplements.

Nowadays a clean label is truly a criterion of choice for consumers who also pay attention to the composition of the products they use. According to a survey carried out by Opinion Way, 35% of French people want to know the exact composition of dietary supplements, 36% look at the quality and 37% the effectiveness … Continued

ipowder® or the art of innovation in plant extract.

Natural products and clean labels have become true purchasing criteria for consumers. Natural is indeed the second most important criterion in France (after efficiency) for buying a dietary supplement for the majority of consumers.1 This criterion is more frequently taken into account for choosing ingredients but does not necessarily determine their quality. Indeed, the quality … Continued

3 good reasons to call upon a contract manufacturer specialising in probiotics.

You can’t help but notice how probiotics’ (also called fermented milk cultures or microbiotics) and microbiota popularity is increasing with scientists, consumers and professionals. So much so that microbiota is now recognised as an organ itself and called the second brain, not surprising when you know that there are up to 100,000 Bn micro-organisms in … Continued

Tablets, capsules, sachets: expertise signed by PiLeJe Industrie.

As soon as your theoretical formulation is ready, the processing stage will well and truly bring your dietary supplement to life. This is an important stage which quite often represents a technical challenge! Indeed, you must take many different factors into account: compressibility, powder density and active ingredient interactions… That’s why dosage form is entirely … Continued

Antioxidant, digestive comfort and relaxation… Let’s discover the health benefits of lemon balm.

Natural products’ popularity in all fields is undeniable: from food to cosmetics and dietary supplements. A product’s natural aspect is the purchasing criteria which has taken on the most importance between 2013 and 20161. A great opportunity for plant extracts which fulfil many of the consumer’s expectations and follow trends for alternative natural solutions. The … Continued

Ready-to-market solutions are ideal for innovation.

With an estimated growth of +106% between 2015 (€103 bn) and 2025 (€212 bn)1, the world’s dietary supplement market boasts very satisfactory performance. This success is encouraging many actors to launch into the fertile field of nutraceuticals. Developing a product for this market of strictly regulated technical products requires several months. Trends are forever evolving … Continued

Zoom on the 2 key criteria for choosing the right magnesium: content and bioavailability.

The magnesium market confirms its high potential, here are some figures to prove it. From now to 2020 it should become the number one mineral on the dietary supplement market, taking the place of the current leader calcium. In 2016 the world magnesium based dietary supplements represented close to M$850, over 30% of the mineral … Continued

Processing dietary supplements: Why is tailored contract manufacturing a good idea from A to Z?

Dietary supplement genesis often begins with: ‘Once upon a time there was a little idea …’ Bringing such an idea to life necessitates the intervention of many skills requiring accurate and rigorous coordination.

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