3 good reasons to call upon a contract manufacturer specialising in probiotics.

You can’t help but notice how probiotics’ (also called fermented milk cultures or microbiotics) and microbiota popularity is increasing with scientists, consumers and professionals. So much so that microbiota is now recognised as an organ itself and called the second brain, not surprising when you know that there are up to 100,000 Bn micro-organisms in … Continued

Tablets, capsules, sachets: expertise signed by PiLeJe Industrie.

As soon as your theoretical formulation is ready, the processing stage will well and truly bring your dietary supplement to life. This is an important stage which quite often represents a technical challenge! Indeed, you must take many different factors into account: compressibility, powder density and active ingredient interactions… That’s why dosage form is entirely … Continued

Antioxidant, digestive comfort and relaxation… Let’s discover the health benefits of lemon balm.

Natural products’ popularity in all fields is undeniable: from food to cosmetics and dietary supplements. A product’s natural aspect is the purchasing criteria which has taken on the most importance between 2013 and 20161. A great opportunity for plant extracts which fulfil many of the consumer’s expectations and follow trends for alternative natural solutions. The … Continued

Ready-to-market solutions are ideal for innovation.

With an estimated growth of +106% between 2015 (€103 bn) and 2025 (€212 bn)1, the world’s dietary supplement market boasts very satisfactory performance. This success is encouraging many actors to launch into the fertile field of nutraceuticals. Developing a product for this market of strictly regulated technical products requires several months. Trends are forever evolving … Continued

Zoom on the 2 key criteria for choosing the right magnesium: content and bioavailability.

The magnesium market confirms its high potential, here are some figures to prove it. From now to 2020 it should become the number one mineral on the dietary supplement market, taking the place of the current leader calcium. In 2016 the world magnesium based dietary supplements represented close to M$850, over 30% of the mineral … Continued

Processing dietary supplements: Why is tailored contract manufacturing a good idea from A to Z?

Dietary supplement genesis often begins with: ‘Once upon a time there was a little idea …’ Bringing such an idea to life necessitates the intervention of many skills requiring accurate and rigorous coordination.

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