Do you want to develop a new product? Having a good idea isn’t enough, today you have to know how to call on the right partners. Discover the three keys for developing a product.

1. Choose the right contract manufacturer

There are contract manufacturing organisations on the market, you will have to choose the one that suits you perfectly. Today, the contract manufacturer’s role is no longer limited to simply manufacturing the product. They will be your special advisor all through the developing process of your product: choosing ingredients, galenics and packaging, etc. A sole discussion partner who will give you time to concentrate on other issues.

Firstly it is necessary to be totally transparent with your contract manufacturer. This transparency should be on both sides. You should share all your ambitions with them! They must know your distribution channels, countries and specific requirements. They will be able to satisfy you if they do. Your manufacturer will know how to underline any possible difficulties with your project and warn you about the deadlines or any inconsistencies in it.

The quality certifications that your contract manufacturer has are also a criteria for choice. For example, PiLeJe Industrie’s quality policy is centred on customer satisfaction and consumer safety. We respect European Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices and have several certifications for our production sites. The capacity to produce organically is also an asset for your future developments.

Lastly choosing a contract manufacturer for their specific expertise is essential. For example, a project that contains probiotics requires partnering with a specialised manufacturer. This is notably the case for PiLeJe Industrie, with a synergy of skills in this field.

2. Have an accurate brief

Your future product will have to fulfil clear and precise requirement specifications. You must supply your manufacturer with a detailed brief: from the marketing positioning, with the target(s) to the first thoughts on ingredients.

Your manufacturer will support you with regard to the accuracy of this brief if needed. At PiLeJe Industrie we have set up a detailed procedure for developing products. We fill in the requirement specifications together. These allow us to subsequently study the feasibility of the product before moving on to developing it.

3. Think about turnkey solutions

Do you have a project but want to optimise time frames and costs? Turnkey solutions are prime solutions for innovating. Indeed, these solutions are ready to be launched with just as much attention to quality and innovation. They represent an important time saving.

PiLeJe Industrie offers formulas that ride the current market’s trend waves and fulfil the consumer’s needs.

Ready-to-use formulas that require simple design adjustments when being launched.


Developing a new product is a fundamental step for a brand, whether it is setting up or extending its range. In order to meet your needs and expectations perfectly, it is fundamental to have expert partners in their field who are capable of advising you.

Do you have a product development project? Contact our teams who are there to support you.

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