• Could you introduce yourself M. Stein?

With training in sales, I have spent all of my career in the dietary, cosmetics and nutraceutical fields. Moreover, I rapidly specialised in the contract manufacturer profession. I started sharing my adventure with PiLeJe Industrie in 2015 as Sales and Marketing Director

  • You offer turney formulas at PiLeJe Industrie. Could you present the range?

Our turnkey formula range gives our clients the opportunity to access safe and innovative products, that answer the consumers’ demands and are ready to be launched on the market. Our turnkey solutions are ready to go, already developed by our services for a rapid launch on the market and without additional costs. The products are (EFSA) alleged, stable and tested according to ICH standards.

This product design was born in 2012 with at the time a catalogue of formulas that has, of course, evolved over the years.

The idea is to offer our clients a showcase of our industrial capacities, as well as our technical and scientific craftsmanship. These turnkey formulas are entirely in keeping with our sales strategy.

  • How does this turnkey concept work?

Our clients can choose to keep the formulas of this range as they are or ask us to modify them and therefore redevelop them. These modifications can be to the formula or the packaging. However, one must keep in mind that the advantage of these turnkey formulas consists of saving time and money on the development.

The interest of this range is also to generate some inspiration with our clients by giving them ideas regarding ingredients, positioning and galenics.

  • What services are included in each formula?

All services are included, except regulatory issues and decoration elements.

For each formula, the client has:

  • a detailed product sheet,
  • a complete technical file, a packaging and labelling proposal,
  • guaranteed stability to ICH standards.

We hope to go further supporting our clients in the years to come with regulatory issues.

  • Concretely, what are the advantages of these solutions for the client?

As I said previously, there are multiple advantages:

  • no development time is needed leading to an accelerated market launch,
  • no development costs,
  • guaranteed stability from us,
  • products that have validated claims by the EFSA
  • products that answer the needs and trends of the market.


  • Sometimes we hear that turnket products aren’t innovative. How do you answer that?

This is a legitimate question. Indeed, sometimes we are tempted to believe that turnkey formulas are simpler and more basic solutions but this is not the case. On the contrary, these formulas are the showcase of our expertise. Currently, we have single-layered, double-layered, film-coated, chewable or orally disintegrating tablets and those with long release in our range; we also want to offer triple-layered tablets in the close future. And not to mention, of course, the capsules range, more traditional and as sought after on the market as ever.

In order to show you how technical our formulas are, let’s take the example of ‘Intestinal (gut health) Comfort’. A double-layered tablet which is one of the most technical products to perfect: it is made up of one layer of probiotics and one layer containing lemon balm extract, technically one of the most sensitive associations. Perfecting this formula took over two years and means that today, we can associate the benefits of plants with those of probiotics as we guarantee efficiency and very good stability.

  • How do you create new turnkey formulas?

We start by thinking of needs. For that we carry out benchmark studies in order to identify potentially interesting new products for our clients. This takes into account both the needs of the market and our clients’ requests. Once we have identified this, we add to the project by defining the requirement specifications for our R&D teams: target, galenic, ingredients and active ingredients with claims as well as the type of packaging. Then our teams initiate all of the development stages.

It takes between six and nine months for a simple formula and galenic, and can take a lot more time for more complex formulas. Doing things well takes time!

  • Why trust PiLeJe Industrie with turnkey products?

PiLeJe Industrie boasts between 30 and 35 years of expertise in the field of phytotherapy, micronutrition and probiotics. We have the knowledge and the expertise of our teams, as well as suitable tools to offer a range of innovative and safe products.

We are constantly adapting to different markets as we export to approximately twenty countries.

  • What’s new?

We have recently launched several formulas:

  • Intestinal Comfort, a double-layered tablet containing probiotics and lemon balm to contribute to digestive well-being.
  • Oral Biotic, an orally disintegrating tablet containing probiotics and vitamins C and D to help maintain normal teeth.
  • Liver Comfort: a film coated tablet containing milk thistle, artichoke and trick trefoil in the form of ipowder® (extraction process developed and patented by PiLeJe Industrie) for proper hepatic function.


  • What are your future projects for this product range?

Our priority is to widen our product catalogue with about ten new references in the next four years.

Notably we have a project to launch several products before the end of this year:

  • a formula for maintaining normal sugar levels
  • a joint product
  • an antioxidant

Our teams are also working on an immunity formula that will be coming out in 2022. At the same time, we are actively thinking about health solutions based on CBD as a dietary supplement. We would indeed like to be ready as soon as French legislation will allow them to be put on the market.

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