As a major actor in the dietary supplement market, the PiLeJe group is committed to preserving the environment. What is our aim? To preserve the planet for current and future generations. Discover our commitments!


Commitmments that answer everybody’s expectations

Committing to preserving the environment is essential in our business today. The entire production chain is mobilised to respond to what is much more than an expectation, an actual need for our consumers and our planet.

Indeed, consumers are looking for natural products today. Here the market has a mirror effect: formulas are becoming plant-based, locally sourced and ‘organic’. Over and above the simple quest for naturalness, consumers are also sensitive to the traceability and the origin of ingredients.

As a result, eco-designed products are appealing. In this way, gentle manufacturing processes, such as ipowder® and eco-friendly packaging are seducing more and more people. These are all challenges we rise to.


Eco-design is at the heart of PiLeJe’s charter for the environment

In line with our charter for the environment, we support you as you design environmentally friendly dietary supplements. In this way we use our craftsmanship to foster the sourcing of plants from France. Moreover, the vast majority of our supplies are certified ‘organic’. We guarantee complete traceability, from the field to the finished product.

Furthermore, we follow up on implementing the agreements of the Nagoya protocol with our suppliers. These agreements define access to genetic resources and the fair and equal sharing of the benefits from using them relative to the biological diversity convention. This is an international agreement on biodiversity, which we follow to comply with the authorities in the countries involved.

Lastly, we are committed to improving the eco-design of our packaging. For example, our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper, and the paper weight of the cardboard used for packets is reduced. We also use an acrylic varnish for packets, with a less energy-consuming aqueous base.

We also insist on working with suppliers who are committed to reducing the impact on the environment and who share our philosophy.


Environment also rhymes with energy, waste and transport

Above our commitment to and support of eco-design, we intervene on other fundamental pillars of the environment.

This is why we reduce and manage our energy consumption. In order to do so, we foster the use of LED and natural lighting or virtualising our servers.

We also reduce our waste production: waste sorting, recycling and circular economy are essential. We also foster the use of reusable containers.

Lastly, we take part in the ecological transition towards low-carbon transport. Our aim is to reach carbon neutrality. Today more than ever, remote working and video conferences, used to reduce travelling between sites, are more appropriate.


The environment is everybody’s concern, and the PiLeJe group is committed to helping preserve the planet. We have a strong active wish to support these values. We federate our teams around these commitments, and involve our product and service suppliers.

Do you want to find out more about our Environment Charter ? Contact us.

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