Digestive problems are one of this century’s major concerns. French people suffer more and more from digestive problems and are no longer afraid to talk about them. Almost one French person out of two suffers from at least one type of digestive problem1: abdominal pain, frequent gases, irregular bowel function… French people are searching for solutions to relieve their pain. This leads to a flourishing digestion market.

Digestion market figures are increasing

Digestive problems are in fashion. This is indeed the second market promise of the dietary supplement market! An important position and impressive figures.

The digestion market in chemists and drug stores represents 17% of the dietary supplement market reaching 185 million euros in 2018. The market continues to grow beyond this considerable weight. Digestion has progressed by 7% on a market which peaks at 1.9% on average2.

Here also, French people are in search of guidance. Prescriptions represent 10% of this segment.

Digestion is therefore an inescapable market for dietary supplement laboratories.

Which ingredients support the growth of this market?

Two types of ingredients have been successful and continue to perform on this market.

Plants have an important place on the digestion market. You will find artichoke or even lemon balm for example in many products. These ingredients are supported by the consumer’s keen interest in the naturalness of plants. Today, dietary supplements are going green and the digestion market is no exception. PiLeJe Industrie meets this demand with their innovative plant extracts range ipowder®.

Some of the best-known lactic ferments by consumers such as ‘probiotics’ are also largely present on this market. They are a must have on the digestion market as they represent true health benefits. Consumers are very interested in their microbiota today and are conscious of the impact it may have on their digestive troubles. PileJe Industrie has over thirty years of unique experience in lactic ferments. A true emblem of PiLeJe Industrie, you can discover our expertise here.

Subjects relative to intestinal microbiota support the market

The digestion market goes further than this simple promise. It is supported by the vast subject that intestinal microbiota represents. The stomach is considered to be our second brain and the flora it contains has been explored in the most intricate detail. 100,000 billion bacteria live in our stomach: 10 times more than the number of cells we have in our bodies! These figures have raised the scientific world’s curiosity. We are slowly but surely discovering that intestinal microbiota is a lever for our well-being.

Many discoveries have been made: mucus and the intestinal wall are thought to be involved for example in obesity or cardiovascular problems. Some bacteria are thought to be linked with our athletic performance.

These results are important for the scientific world but also ring home with the final consumer: they are helping them to realise the interest of their microbiota and the care they need to take of their digestive system. On a wider scale, discoveries about microbiota are revolutionising the health world, they could also support dietary supplements.

> Watch an incredibly interesting report on the subject.

Today, there is no longer any need for taboos about intestinal disorders. The consumers feel free to dare to speak about their digestive troubles nowadays. As a result, they know about the existence of their intestinal microbiota.

Laboratories are also talking about it. PiLeJe has been organising a tour of France called ‘My health depends on my microbiota’ mirroring this trend and to raise awareness about the subject for three years. Topics about digestion and intestinal microbiota more widely are becoming very popular. A market which would appear to have a very bright future ahead!

Do you plan on developing a digestion dietary supplement? Our team will guide you, feel free to contact us.


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